Ready, Set, Fight fire

Good morning from the jumspeat.  I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to the loyal readers of the views from the jumpseat for helping launch  Your response has been overwhelming! Get ready

So back to the jumpseat we go!  After giving up on the national championship college football game last night I couldn’t help but think about how we look as we step out of our trucks.  In a football game, they all huddle, give a play, clap their hands and look like a well-rehearsed dance as they approach the line for battle. This is how we should look as the parking brake is set and we head toward the fire.

In reality, we are a lot like a football team:

  • They have plays ————-We should have a Plan
  • Different Positions———-Riding assignments
  • Bench area——————–Ours staging area
  • Coach—————————-Incident Commander
  • Trainers————————-Ems crews!

The examples of comparison could go on forever!  One similarity should always be training and practicing!  If you always make your drills start from standing around the tailboard and not coming out of the truck how can you look “prepared” when you arrive.  I never played football, tried hockey, but I can imagine that early in their careers they practiced coming out of the huddle in stride, much like we should practice coming of our trucks!

Just as an ill-prepared football team a under trained responding fire crew can lose the game with the exception of the fire crew has a greater chance of losing something more, THEIR LIFE! The next time you head out to drill, add the team approach and have everyone come of the truck just like they were leaving the huddle.  These first moments of organization can lead to the most successful outcome of bringing everyone home safe!

Bunker up, buckle in, and remember that we all start in the Jumpseat!!