Rehab, Rebuild, and Re-Energize!

Good afternoon from the, soon to be, back in the jumpseat views.  After receiving the best news from my orthopedic doctor today I stopped by the fire house to see how things were going.  Guess what, they are the same.  Same firefighters, same calls, and same training going on.  It’s amazing that I am a spoke in a huge wheel that is my fire department.

 Rehab, Rebuild, and Re-Energize!

September 27 is the six-week mark from today were I will hopefully receive my medical clearance to jump back on board.  So, with that in mind, it’s time to make a plan for the next 6 weeks and write them down so I am held accountable to them.  I have some areas of need in my personal and professional life that needs modified.  Example, I need to add some functional fitness and weights into my normal all cardio workouts, that have lacked lately.  My book is not getting any closer to being done and I have some programs to deliver to the Ohio Fire and Ems Expo, where I have the honor of being a featured instructor!

So, where to start?  I’m going to write them down and share with you soon, as I believe that we all can hold each other accountable to attain our goals.  I must say that this time away from my station has given me a new perspective on my career!  The old saying that you don’t know what you have till it’s gone really has been hammered home.  But it’s not gone it’s just on hold so off the fire lab I go…….

My theme for the next six weeks is going to be:.Rehab, Rebuild, and Re-energize  Ryan!


Thanks for the stop in the jumpseat!  Be Safe!