Rest in Peace Firefighter-Paramedic Denise Cooper

It is with a hole in my heart that I write from the jumpseat today.  As the news circulated this morning of  Firefighter-Paramedic Denis Cooper (Ret.) passing my heart sank.  Denise was a valued family friend that was a ROCK.  Her understanding of our lifestyle and contributions to the fire service will never be forgotten.

It’s only once in a while that you run into someone who molds into a family member.  Denise truly was a part of my family.  She looked after my wife at work, kept up with my children at home, and was never more than a phone call away with life advise and comfort.  So in this darkest of day’s let us as a family reach out to hers offering comfort and prayer.

We may not understand god’s plan for why he would take Denise at age 49.  All I know is he must need a mentor, mother, friend, paramedic, and wonderful person to do his work.  I hope they are as thankful as I am to have known a truly remarkable woman.

Rest in Peace Denise

I will miss your voice on the medbase radio for the rest of my career!!