Risk versus Reward

Following a recent twitter discussion, I received a request to offer a view on the risks versus reward debate.


This debate will live on until we all have hung up our helmets.  So what are some key points that we should focus on?  How much a risk is an “acceptable” amount?

We all would like to think that we are aggressive firefighters who get in, put the fire out, and come home safe.  Truth of the matter is that we all should be Cautiously Aggressive when entering a burning building.  Isn’t that term an oxy-moron? Well, not really.  You see there are cues and clues on every fire that can help you make a sound decision.

Let’s review some Jumpseat learning points:

  • What is the fire conditions upon arrival
  • What is the smoke conditions telling us
  • Do we have reports of people trapped
  • If vacant, is there a chance for squatters
  • How much can we save

These are all questions that can and should be answered on all fires.  Using your personal experiences with some training can lead to a safer environment.

Time to offer your opinion on this controversial topic!


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