Shift Happens!

Well it’s the final day’s of summer and I’m riding them out at work. I love the fire and ems service a lot, but sometimes it stinks like SHIFT! For all the rewards of shift work there are some trade offs. Like paying back shift trades, time away from family functions, and generally missing out on some things. The pro’s out way the con’s but sometimes dealing with the con’s STINK! So, just put your head down and get through it! Aaron Tippen said it best “A long hard Day sure Ain’t Much Fun, but ya gotta get it started if you’re gona get it done!” Happy labor day weekend everyone. Take the time to grab your love one’s and tell them how much you love them because before you know it……SHIFT HAPPENS! Be safe and keep ridin with “View’s from the Jumpseat!

welcome to the jumpseat!