Spring Is a Coming

With spring right around the corner it’s time to shift our training from indoor classroom sessions to the outside. First step this spring, Pre-Fire Planning! This should be a task that we all spend time doing. From the Chief to the new Proby we all need to be familiar with the buildings and response area that we respond too. With our call volume going up and our staffing going down it has never been more important than now. By knowing the layout of the buildings or a basic idea of most of the houses in your area can save time in the beginning and save your life in the end! Hazards, means of egress, and basic layouts should get you started. These all will help in the event that your next fire is in that building. Seems pretty basic the idea of pre fire plans, but maybe that is what all of us need to remember that our primary job is to fight structural fires!

Be Safe everyone and thanks for visiting the jumpseat!
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