Stretching on a Dwelling.

Good morning from the jumpseat.  As I fell asleep last night listening to the scanner app from Detroit I couldn’t help but keep these firefighters in my prayers.  I do believe that these brave men and women are seeing a series of fires that would rival some of the worst in history.

One thing that keeps coming up  is the organization of the department.  The only thing that I can judge that on is the radio traffic and it sounds good.  Many things can be learned from listening to fire departments communications and I  have learned a lot from Detroit.

From stretching on a dwelling, to laying out it seems that the officer communicate well when establishing whether it is a vacant structure, which all of us are seeing more of, or an occupied one that needs a little more aggression.  Either or their process of determining needs and attacks sound spot on over the radio!

When was the last time you practiced your radio transmissions   Maybe we should all take a few moment and say a few prayers for the Detroit Firefighters and learn from their radio communications.   God bless the Detroit Fire Department!


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