Summertime Funk!

Good hot afternoon from the jumpseat.  I apologize for the lack of blogs and articles being produced from  the jumpseat.  It seems like every year the summer funk hits.  Whether it is the kids being home from school, constant hotter than heck temperatures, or the increased call volume. Something always seems to slow down the creative juices in the summer.  So what to do….Hmmm…Let’s write about it!
Summertime in our city seems to be a Hotbed of action, literally. While the fires seem to slow down  the overall call volume goes through the roof.  It is like when the heat goes up in the daytime it causes problems and when the sun goes down everyone comes out at night it causes problems. 

I wonder if you are seeing an increase in call volume? 

What causes this spike in responses?
As we head into the dog days of summer, I hope to keep publishing quality jumpseat content.  Until then let us all focus in on our safety as we prepare for our summertime rush.

A few reminders are:

•         Hydrate constantly, including the days before your shift
•         Carry extra clothes to change into on scene because of the constant sweating
•         Allow for extra rehab time
•         Call for additional manpower
•         Remember to acclimate before the bell rings.
•         Make sure to get more rest to prepare for the busier shifts

Most of all we need to watch out for each other when the heat is on.  Be safe everyone

Bunker up, buckle in, it’s where we all begin!!!

welcome to the jumpseat!