Team Firefighter takes on Ironman NYC

Ironman NYC


A Team Firefighter member doing work!

On Saturday August 10, 2012 Team Firefighter will have representation at Ironman NYC Championship. They will have at least three members striving to become Ironman and over ten members manning an aid station on the course. Many of the team members will meet for the first time the day before the race at a pre-race dinner being hosted at Fort Lee Fire Department – Engine Company One Headquarters. The team consists of members throughout the United States mostly communicating via a private Facebook group. Currently there are 49 members.


Team Firefighter

Team Firefighter is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to firefighters who want to better themselves through fitness in sport. Anyone can join, whether a firefighter or anyone interested in supporting the cause of decreasing firefighter fatalities.
The #1 cause of on the job deaths of firefighters is heart attacks, which can be best prevented by a regular fitness program.

Team Goals:

By improving the health and fitness of firefighters, we will save the lives of firefighters and those they are there to protect.The imposition of state mandated fitness standards and mandatory workout programs can often create a negative attitude towards fitness and fail to make a significant difference. By creating a competitive environment in the firehouse through sport and internal competition, more of an impact on the fitness of firefighters will be obtained. It is only through cultural change in the firehouse that any significant bearing on our grim health statistics will improve.

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