Thankful for the Views Crew

Good morning from the jumpseat.  On this day as I prepare to pay honor to my Uncle Norm Pennington as he is laid to rest I must pause to take the time and say Thank You to all the folks who take a moment to read Views from the Jumpseat.  It has been an amazing ride as we send out tweet, blogs, and now podcasts to interact with you all.  The Fire Service is in my heart and soul and truly feel like giving back on a world-wide basis is my passion.


This week has been a roller coaster ride.  From getting confirmation to teach at FDIC-Atlantic to the death of my uncle it seems like the peaks and valleys are too many to mention.  So with that in mind it’s time to give some shout outs of thanks!


  • Thank you to @petermfirehouse for allowing me to spread the #jumpseatready message
  • Huge “thank you” to @DrRichardgassaway for guiding me through 20 years
  • Biggest Thank you of all thanks to all of you for reading, sharing, and spreading our message!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!