Turnout time!

Stations and units respond to_________!

Firefighter Training

Teamwork Training

Why should it make a difference in what type of emergency it is?  Often times in my travels and talks with firefighters from around the world it seems like the answers to this very question depends on the words that are spoken next.  Should it make a difference if it is a working fire or a chest pains call?

We all take pride in our departments and companies, part of that pride should be your turnout times.  From the first beep of the pager or the ringing of the bell on the wall, someone has requested you to help him or her.  Why are you either running to the truck or taking time for another cup of coffee? Can there be a consistency to our responses?

A wise captain once told me “walk to the truck, no matter what the call is to allow a chance to think about what you are responding too”.  I have not always listened to this advice, but as I gain experience in the fire service I see the advantage to this way of thinking.  It should be used on all calls!  Walking directly to your truck should be immediate, without delay.

With the recent tragedies in Webster NY, Hoover AL, and New town CT, we all should be using all of our ques and clues to help identify possible dangers.  This starts with the short walk from to the apparatus bay or walk to your personal vehicle to respond.  Walking will allow you time to process the address, allow you to hear what other units are responding, and give you the time to allow the “What If’s” to be expected.

Do not allow yourself to become complacent when it is time to turnout.  Thinking of a chest pains call as another BS call will allow you to let your guard down too far.  We need to approach every call like there could be danger lurking at every corner, because after the last couple of weeks it can be.  When the bell rings it is time for work! Your turnout time speaks volumes for what type of firefighter you are.  Do not be the last one to the truck on all calls, as we all know who that firefighter is!


Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we ALL begin!