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Sam Abate ‏@SamAbate

We don’t have an official slogan, just a new mascot: the honey badger (doing more w/ less!). Its a staffing issue thing. Lol!

David Dugas ‏@SexymanDugas

“you light em, we fight em” red oak fd.

Dustin S Martinez ‏@DRockapotamus

@Jumpseatviews Engine 7″the flagship of the 2nd battalion, the saviors of the 1st”.

Wm. Random Ward ‏@WmRandomWard

also “protecting the yards” for E23

Wm. Random Ward ‏@WmRandomWard

we have Rescue 1, “Second to None”. The firehouse slogan is “Nations Busiest”

VOLYFIREMAN ‏@Volyfiremanprob

@Jumpseatviews foundation saver station # 4

AndyStarnesFire ‏@BelvedereParkW

Station 2: Deuces Wild