Views from the “Pit of Promotion”

Good afternoon from the deep dark halls of the “Pit”.  With the deadline of a promotional exam looming I have shifted my studying into high gear while moving it into my desk area.  It’s amazing the content that is required to cover for a 100 question test.  So as I enter the “Pit” and get down and dirty I needed to take a break for some decompressing.  Of course, the way I do that is by writing, or tweeting….  So here are some random thought from the preparation pit…

Pit of Promotion Preparation

Thought  #1:  While reading Vinny Dunn’s book on safety and survival a couple random thoughts keep coming up.  If more firefighters and civilian’s die in one and two family occupancies should they take up 95% of our training time?

Thought #2:  Does your department use an “outside Vent” firefighter.  If so, is this really a more dangerous position than an attack crew that is committed to an interior attack?

Thought #3: What are the signs and symptoms of an impending flashover?  These should be hammered home in all of our heads.

So the serious trudging has begun as I prepare for the test that has the potential to take me out of the best seat in the house, the jumpseat.  I have about as much interest in being a Driver/Operator as a person scheduled for a root canal.  But in order to advance it’s the next step and begin to lead firefighters it must be done.

I hope to keep cranking out blogs, videos, podcast, tweets, and/or smoke signals during this process and share a view from the pit of preparation. It is so interesting how much you “think” you know until you pick up the books and dig in…..


Let’s hear your view on this random thoughts  #viewsCrew