Waves of HOLY COW!

As I sit here and watch the happenings in japan, I sit and wonder what kind of command and control they have set up. Can you even imagine? Now we all have spent the boring hours learning about NIMS…100-400, but now the practices are coming into play. Now take a step back and image you are in charge of just one of the devastated cities. WOW! Are you ready for that? Does your department have a plan for the HOLY>>>COW?

We all have pre-plans for the basics, but what about when the big one happens. Do you know where all your resources come from? Do you know who to contact on a national level? Outside of obama’s cell phone number, it might be a good idea to find some numbers for all the federal assistance you may need.
Focus Danielson…..and envision the HOLY COW CALL! You might just be next and lives are depending on you!
thanks for the visit…….and god bless the people of Japan!
welcome to the jumpseat!