Welcome to a New Life!

My mind is racing as I sit at my computer reviewing material for a upcoming Emergency Medical Technician class that I will begin in two days to a fresh group of new firefighters. Teaching a new generation of EMS providers is a huge responsibility and a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many future patients’. The power points, notes, and handouts are mounting but my mind keeps going back to my very first night of EMT class. I remember walking in a wet nosed newbie that didn’t have a clue of the new world that I was being introduced to. What’s a backboard used for and what the heck is a combi-tube? Once it began I felt like a duck that had just found a huge new pond to swim in! But as I prepare to indoctrinate the newest group of Ems Providers I try to remember some words of wisdom that were first given to me. With the knowledge and life saving skills that I hope to pass along I would also like to pass along some wisdom from a fifteen year career riding backwards down the highways. In this article I am going to take the role of a mentor, teacher, and a guidance counselor to the next generation and welcome them into a whole new life, a life of Emergency Medical Service. While teaching I will try to give them the wisdom to protect themselves and to provide superior medical treatment for years to come.

welcome to the jumpseat!