What does your Helmet say about you?

What a sad day, it is the day where my favorite helmet was added to the Jumpseat wall of Flame.

Wall of Flame Induction

Before you click off this blog post, let me answer you this question. What does your helmet say about you?  Why do firefighters have such an attachment to their helmets?

This thought came to mind as I hung my cairns 1010 up on the garage wall putting an end to its service. We develop these attachments to our helmets because they are an expression of our personalities.  We cannot alter our turnout gear, sew patches one it, or change it in many ways but our helmets is where we can show off some personality.  Whether it is paying tribute to fallen firefighters or your favorite sticker from a place close to your heart we can show some of our character.

A firefighter’s helmet is serves as a symbol, a symbol of pride, integrity, and honor.  Since the day that  Andrew Gratcap made the first one we have all embraced and took pride our helmets.


Let’s hear some responses from the Views Crew posted on Twitter:

Daryl Trotman ‏@D_TrOt1988

@Jumpseatviews it’s a reflection of who you are #jumpseatready

RøB ‏@___r0b___

@Jumpseatviews A FF in his/her helmet is an icon. It is the image of bravery and it is the only uniform we have in common. #leather


Colby ‏@NOfiReWOOD83

@Jumpseatviews he shield shows where your from and the helmet is your canvas kinda like a painting that’s put thru hells test of survival

Andrew J. Moritz ‏@medtechfire

@Jumpseatviews it’s who I am. From previous runs, to my nickname, and my abilities are on my helmet