What If’s

     Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  After my long, wet weekends training on the new river for swift water tech class I must say that it’s good to be back on dry land.  I learned a lot from the instructors and can comfortably say that I could perform a swift water rescue.  One of the best moments is when my LT. came up with the quote of the weekend.  “We are in the what If business”, he said loudly.  Ding! One thing about writing is that I am always looking for materials.So here it was a quote that pertains to our business to a tee!  What if we get the call to this particular house?  What if the car is on its top?  What if the patient has a communicable disease?  This could go on all night but the fact remains that we manage the situation when it happens and we are called.  It is our job to “solve” or “stabilize “the issue when we arrive because we are the fire department.   We are the one that is tasked with making the rescue, saving the day, or putting the fire out.
Photo Courtesy of Views Staff
Confined space tech class 2010

So how do we manage the what if’s?  Well, how about this one.  What if we stayed prepared to respond. Bam, there it is the solution to all of our problems.  Simple, plain, black and white right in there in front of our noses. How could we ever forget that our job is to be ready to answer the call, manage the scene, save lives, and protect property?  We do this when riding in the jumpseat by being physically fit, mentally focused, and properly trained.

So what if you stopped reading right here? Then you would miss the point of this blog.  We are in the what if business but it remains our job to manage the “if’s” to make for a safer fire scene.  Remaining proficient in the skills that are asked of us is our number one job while we ride in the jumpseat.  So get off your computer, grab a tool, and get ready for the next rounds of “if’s” to head your way.  Because it’s not  a matter of if, it’s a matter of when  you are faced with the “what if’s”.
Be safe everyone
 Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we all BEGIN!
welcome to the jumpseat!