What to do when the what if’s happen!

Have you ever set down and thought about the “What if’s” of the fire service? In our line of work the what if’s are too many to list, but have you ever set and thought about how some of them would affect you. These variables that you face can and will have a negative effect on the outcome of your incident; they may even cost you your life. So what if we trained to expect the unexpected. What if while you are training you practice for the unexpected variables that might cause harm while handling your next emergency. What if we learn how to handle the situation’s that you might not see but once in a career? Can we keep our wits about us to realize that something is wrong before we lose our life? Can we rely on our training and knowledge to get us through the emergency? Maybe we should look a little deeper and learn to mitigate these situations before game day. Just like any good athlete practice makes perfect so let’s start right here and practice before the what if happens to you!
In this Picture….Note the HVAC unit that was on the roof! Now inside the Building! A BIG WHAT IF!
welcome to the jumpseat!