When have you left your comfort zone?

Good evening from the jumpseat. I completed my first day of swift water ops training today. Out of my 17 years in the fire service I have never gone beyond an awareness level in water.

The river was high and so was my anxiety level. We spent the day in boats, swimming, and throwing rope bags. I must say that it was uncomfortable feeling to be in a boat on that level of water, even for a swim coach.

So do you express your feelings of not being comfortable with your instructors. Are you afraid to voice your opinion about training or a response? Will there be some names they will call you while looking down on you?

These are all good questions that need to be answered soon from the jumpseat perspective.

Let’s here your opinions loyal readers of the views. You can leave comments below

Bunker up, buckle in, it’s were we all begin.

welcome to the jumpseat!