When will your “Super Bowl” Fire Happen

As I sit in my favorite recliner pounding more studying time into my brain a few thoughts keep coming through my mind as the “Big Game” is today.  The Super Bowl is the biggest game, played on the biggest stage, and it’s watch by millions of people.  Sound somewhat familiar?  Have you ever noticed when a fire happens the droves of people who see the smoke and come to watch?  While the numbers will be somewhat decreased from that of the super bowl the concepts of being prepared and looking like a well-oiled machine will make you look like you deserve to be in the super bowl.  Let us review some quick tips from the jumpseat on this biggest Sunday of the football year!

Estimate the Stretch

Estimate the Stretch

Review your Play’s

Imagine if the Ravens or a 49er showed up to today’s big game without practicing their plays?  Their unpreparedness would show up faster than coin flip official would.  This is also true about the fire department that doesn’t take the time to practice their first arriving assignments, task, and tactics.  It may sound a little abnormal, but when was the last time your engine, truck, or squad company had a drill in the first 2 minutes of a fire.  From catching a hydrant to advancing the first line to the fire, each person has roll and if you do not practice them, you may end up looking like the keystone cops not the super bowl champions.

Do your job!

Imagine the chaos that would be caused if the offensive lineman would go long for a touchdown pass.  Ok, so that example may be a little farfetched, but imagine if the plug firefighter grabbed the hydrant line and pulled it to the door for attack.  I know, I know these examples are reaching, but when we arrive, our assignments should be clear and precise.  We each have roll and by knowing these rolls before the bell rings will allow us all to look like the team coming out of the huddle to kick butt!  Just like a wide receiver runs a route each of us should runs our routes of the first due assignments.

When will the Big Game Be:

When teaching firefighters young and old that we don’t know when our biggest fire will happen. As the players prepare for months and years to perform in their biggest game, we should strive to practice as if we are going to be fighting the biggest fire of your life. If you keep this in mind as you perform your tasks and train to fight this biggest fire you will be better prepared for all the fires that come along.


Its game time:

It’s time to grab some wings and an ICE COLD Mountain Dew in preparation to cheer on our choice to win the super bowl.  While the big game is being played on television I will bet there will be a group of firefighters going to battle against their next fire.  Let’s hope that they have practiced, prepared, and ran plays to make sure that they all come home safe.  You never know, this fire may be their biggest fire ever!   Stay #jumpseatready!