Why do you fight fires?

Good afternoon from the injured reserve, wish it was the jumpseat.  As I continue treating and resting my torn up shoulder I have pondered the “meaning of my firefighting life.”  Having all this time to think might not be such a good thing and once the kids head back to school it should be really productive.  So why do you fight fires?  Often I hear things such as “it’s my calling” and “my family has done it for years”.  Therefore, to the social media I went last night and posted this little question.  Wow, is all I can say for the response.  Let us check some of the responses and I’ll add my 2 cents worth as well.

Firefighting runs in the family:

Here’s a post from @boxalarmleather from twitter

@Jumpseatviews Because I am a 3rd generation fireman waiting to teach the 4th generation what the 2nd taught me and the 1st taught him. #legacy

I think that this is possibly the best reason to be a firefighter.  I would have loved my father to pass along the traditions, tactics, and ways of the fire service to me.  We have many of these type firefighters around that I am jealous of, I couldn’t think of a person whom I would love to be taught by than my father.

Unfortunatly, my son has chosen another service profession; he is going to be an English teacher. I am proud that he is keeping the tradition of service in the family and even more proud that he can come home from college and teach me more better English!  “JOKE”

I was born to fight fires

@JeffHester77:  gonna have to go cheesy and say I was born to do it. I love what I do.

I am going to agree with Jeff!  Although my family did not fight fires, I knew from an early age that it’s what I wanted to do.  My mother tells stories of me running around the house with yarn on my face pretending that it was my SCBA and I was going in to fight the fire.


 Fire in my house:

I believe a huge influence on me was coming home from church one Sunday morning to find my house on fire.  Yelp, it happened to my family when I was in the second grade. Closing my eyes, I can remember what it looked like, smelled like, and how those brave Dunbar Firefighters looked as they climbed my parents hill to attack the fire.  The saved my house and took hours going through the house checking for extension and helping us save pictures and family treasures. I never knew their names, but was honored when I first worked in their fire station and never said a word on how they helped me choose.


Everyone needs a Mentor

While I grew up searching for the right career path, I always knew that a #firefighter is where I belonged.  It took the direction of a fire service Icon to find me on the internet, when firefighter chat rooms were just starting, and offered a map to my fires service career.  I could never repay Rich Gasaway enough for 20 years of mentorship!

The point to all this rambling is this:  Firefighting is a calling!  A call to serve our communities by doing the best job in the world.  However you got started and for whatever reason you entered into this field we should always keep our eyes fixed on the future.  Passing your knowledge down to the next jumpseat rider is more important than ever!   Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences with the fires service community and always remember to stay #jumpseatready!