Wondering How?

This firefighter is getting dressed for the party!!

Good afternoon from the jumpseat!  After a long set back from my shoulder injury the Jumpseat was a welcome sight yesterday.  The shift went by pretty fast with some excitement mixed in.  As I was preparing my burn gear for tomorrow’s Firefighter Level 1 class skills day my mind kept wondering how are the students going to do?

Often when teaching or evaluating the latest crop of folks trying to become firefighters you see a mix or personalities, skill levels, and willingness to learn.  Wonder how this group will be?  Can you remember back to your first firefighter one class and how you felt entering this strange new world.  I do, I can remember the instructor just like it was yesterday! Bright eyed and bushy-tailed I would never thought that firefighting could have introduced me to this many folks from around the world, yes WORLD.

We all have a duty to PAY IT FORWARD to the next group of men and women looking to serve their community in the role of Firefighter.  I hope that everyday that I am lucky enough to influence these folks I will always remember what it felt like being the “Newbie” and provide for a safe, yet effective learning environment!


Thanks for the stop in the jumpseat!  I will post an update and pics of how the new folks did soon!!!